Wardrobe 101: Creating Your Perfect Core Wardrobe


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Major national media across magazines, newspapers, radio and television The only Australian book on the subject Trinny & Susannah focus on broad, everyday looks where Wardrobe 101 aims to create upmarket looking outfits that are practical and wearable

220 x 198 mm
192 Pages Pages
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Thames and Hudson Australia
Published: Mon 25, Oct, 2010
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Every woman, at some point in time, has stood in front of a wardrobe full of clothes thinking, 'I have nothing to wear!' Wardrobe 101 offers practical solutions to this eternal problem facing women of all ages. Written by top style guru Dijanna Mulhearn, this indispensable handbook will eliminate the confusion caused by the avalanche of fashion choices. Instead of generalising according to body type, Wardrobe 101 addresses questions about body shape by targeting specific problem areas. Fool-proof colour combinations for teaming separates for weekday, weekend, workwear and evening are revealed and industry insiders and tastemakers impart their wisdom on how to create your own signature style. Armed with a checklist of essential items and after a wardrobe workshop, you will instantly graduate from fashion victim to serious style maven!

About the Author

Dijanna Mulhearn has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry. From retail to events management, publicity at Harper’s BAZAAR magazine and managing public relations and advertising for international luxury label Prada, Dijanna knows fashion inside out. She created and wrote the long-running weekly column Wardrobe 101 in the Sydney Morning Herald and has regularly contributed to Grazia.