Family Hour in Australia
Snaith, Tai


Key Sales Info
Young children love animal facts that they can share The book represents various family units other than only the nuclear family e.g. single mums, single dads, same sex parents, extended families etc Each page has a secondary animal and a clock/time of day for young readers to find, encouraging repeat reading/searching The easy-to-read text features unique, quirky and sometimes strange or funny facts for each animal that have been thoroughly researched. Further information about each animal is included in the ‘Family Facts’ section at the back for parents and older readers The Family Facts section also highlights which animals are endangered raising awareness for a younger generation Delightful contemporary and humorous drawings with many design icons hinted at (i.e. Featherstone chairs, Florence Broadhurst wallpaper, Marimekko style fabric)

250 x 225 mm
32 Pages
Full Colour Throughout
Thames & Hudson Australia
Published: Sun 1, Jul, 2012
Price (AUD) $24.95
Item Description
Cuddle up with someone from your family and visit 15 of Australia’s native animals and their families. Find out what they eat and how they play, where they live and who looks after them. Which family is most like yours? The Family Hour introduces young children to 15 fascinating Australian animals and their families. It presents unique facts about each animal in a fun and imaginative way. Features: Gouldian finches Numbats Kangaroos Platypus Echidnas Black swans Frill-necked lizards Koalas Weedy seadragons Eastern spotted quoll Sugar gliders Ringtail possums Tasmanian devils Corroboree frogs Hairy-nosed wombats

About the Author

Tai Snaith is an artist, writer, curator and mother. She graduated from studying sculpture at the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne, Australia) in 2002 and has since received numerous funds and awards for large art projects and residencies locally and overseas. Tai regular exhibits in both solo and group shows as well as creating large site-specific commissions inside private homes and restaurants. In addition, she writes on art and architecture for Un Magazine, Artichoke and Houses as well as others. She also presents the Visual Arts Review segment on Triple R Radio (102.7 FM) in Melbourne.