Dot to Dot
Stevens, Neil


Key Sales Info
• A fun, flip-over picture book for young children of 3+ that reads in two directions – from both front and back – with a two-in-one plot. • In today’s electronic and interactive world it will interest children to play with the idea of a physical book. • The artwork style is fresh and infused with energy; it has a hint of mid-century appeal with a loose line and screenprinted effect, bringing a retro feel to the images.

220 x 285 mm
32 Pages Pages
Full Colour Throughout
Thames & Hudson
Published: Wed 1, May, 2013
Price (AUD) $16.95
Item Description
This charming new addition to Thames & Hudson’s burgeoning Children’s List is an illustrated flip-over picture book about a little girl called Dot from London and her grandmother, also called Dot, in New York. The pair share a birthday and desperately want to spend it together. Readers start at one end to find out Little Dot’s story; flip the book over and start at the other end to read about Grandma Dot. The story follows Little Dot as she tries everything to hand-deliver a special card to grandma Dot in New York: she tries to bounce on springs across the ocean; asks birds and butterflies to help her fly; and even digs a tunnel in her back garden…. Meanwhile, Grandma Dot is making a surprise trip to London, but travels the long way round. At each stopover, in Beijing, Mumbai and Rome, she gathers family and friends and buys a mystery present for Little Dot. But will Grandma Dot arrive in London in time for the big day?

About the Author

Malcolm Cossons is the co-author of Collect Contemporary Photography and Collect Contemporary Jewelry, both published by Thames & Hudson. Neil Stevens, the illustrator, has had work featured in the Guardian, Wired and Ammo.