Reuters - Our World Now 6


Key Sales Info
• The next volume in this musthave series, packed with moments and memories that define our era. • Compact format, funky design, fantastic price for content: deliberately formatted to be by the checkout in a much wider range of retail outlets than usually targeted by Thames & Hudson.

180 x 180 mm
352 Pages Pages
330 Colour Images
Thames & Hudson
Published: Wed 1, May, 2013
Price (AUD) $19.95
Item Description
The sixth volume in this high-impact series captures 2012 in over 330 powerful photos. The book is organized into four sections representing the four quarters of the year. The images cover the full range of news reporting – politics, commerce, conflict, accidents and disasters, the environment, faith and festivities, entertainment, celebrity and lifestyle. Succinct captions summarize the story behind each image. ‘Witness’ features in each chapter present powerful, in-depth photo-essays from around the world. An introduction explains in the photographers’ own words the events and approaches that lead to spectacular photojournalism. These are accompanied by intriguing statistics set out to form a typographic feature that helps summarise the realities behind the headline stories of the year. Like the previous Our World Now volumes, this is a book that consistently packs an emotional punch: spectacular, moving, hardhitting, at times even funny. This highly successful series has built to become an indispensable visual record of our times, with over 100,000 copies now sold worldwide.

About the Author

Reuters is the world’s largest international news agency. Its photojournalists submit 1,500 photos a day from locations across the globe, creating an annual archive of more than half a million images. Their award-winning work ranks among the finest photojournalism of our times.