Revisionist Art: 30 Works by Bob Dylan
Clavery, B.


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• National Treasure: Bob Dylan is America’s greatest living singer and songwriter • Visual Storytelling: Dylan’s artwork introduces an unforgettable cast of characters and situations • Format: A true artist’s book, with a dynamic design and tipped-in plates

273 x 324 mm
156 Pages Pages
38 Colour Images
Abrams - Aust Distributed
Published: Wed 1, May, 2013
Price (AUD) $120.00
Item Description
In Revisionist Art, Bob Dylan offers silkscreened covers of popular magazines from the last half century that somehow escaped history’s notice. As Luc Sante notes in his introduction to this collection, they seem to emanate, “from a world just slightly removed from ours—a world a bit more honest about its corruption, its chronic horniness, its sweat, its body odor.” Art critic B. Clavery provides a history of Revisionist Art, from cave drawings, to Gutenberg, to Duchamp, Picasso, and Warhol. This book also features vivid commentaries on the work, (re)acquainting the reader with such colorful historical fi gures as the Depression-era politician Cameron Chambers, whose mustache became an icon to the gay underworld, and Gemma Burton, a San Francisco trial attorney who used all of her assets in the courtroom. According to these works, history is not quite what we think it is.

About the Author

Luc Sante is a critic and essayist and the author of numerous books, most recently Kill All Your Darlings and Folk Photography. B. Clavery is the editor of Sluggo: A Magazine of the Transformative Arts.